Indy Central Figure Skating Club  

Supports athletes of all ages and levels; competitive or recreational, who desire to improve themselves through the sport of figure skating.  We also offer skaters the opportunity to showcase their skills through shows and community events.


Do I have to have a private figure skating coach in order to join?

No.  Club members range from having more than one coach, to none at all.


If I have a private coach, am I still allowed to take Learn- to-Skate Classes or other Group Lessons?

Yes! Skaters benefit from being on the ice as much as possible.  Classes and group lessons are a great way to get coaching on a consistent schedule.  And private lessons are a great way to supplement classes to improve and possibly advance to the next level.


What is “Club Ice?”

The club contracts for a set amount of time on the rink with the Fuel Tank at Fishers, exclusively for its club members to use.  The skaters can practice skills on their own, have private lessons, and even practice their programs to their music!  Parents are welcome to stay and watch Club Ice sessions also.

Please contact a club official with questions. 


 Membership Information

Club memberships are available for Basic 3 skaters and up. The club is a great way for a skater to take the next step in learn more about figure skating.

To join the club, please use this link:  

Please contact any of the club officials with questions about joining.


Indy Central FSC Membership Information

Julia Duke                           Co-President

Teresa Erne                        Co-President

Nick Anderson                   Co-Vice President, Test Chair

Ann Bruder                        Co-Vice President, Test Chair

Amanda Lawson               Secretary

Jeff Myers                          Treasurer

Kim Nelson                        Membership Chair

Mary Kiray                             Competition Chair


You Can Help!  Indy Central Figure Skating Club depends on volunteers to manage sessions and events.  In addition to the membership fee, Full member families are required to fulfill a volunteer commitment throughout the club season by:

Volunteer to help on-site at club sponsored events, competitions, or shows such as Skate with Santa and/or the Spring Show.


Indy Central Skating Club Ice Policies

Current ice schedules are always posted on the Fuel Tank Fishers website.

Skaters must always check in prior to stepping on the ice for any session and pay any fees, if applicable, at that time.


Indy Central Figure Skating Club Mission Statement

Indy Central Figure Skating Club is a local, not-for-profit organization, established to support those athletes who desire to improve themselves through the sport of figure skating.  Indy Central FSC is designed to help skaters of all ages and levels, competitive or recreational.  One of the goals of Indy Central FSC is to promote the sport of figure skating for participants and fans alike!


The Indy Central FSC Membership Year

The club membership year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30.  All memberships are for a single year and are not pro-rated or transferrable.  USFS membership is required in order to be a club member, and is included with your club registration.  Those skaters wishing to compete or test above the Basic Skills level during the season must register at one of the Competitive levels in order to have the proper USFS eligibility.


 Indy Central FSC Membership Advantages

* Skating on Club Ice Sessions

* Opportunities to perform during club sponsored shows

* Competition and testing privileges

* Ability to participate in club sponsored off-ice events (team-building activities, used equipment/apparel sale, spirit wear, etc.)