How do I sign up?

At the top of the Indy Fuel website is a Register Now option on the far right. Follow directions on the first page to create an account, both with the Indy Fuel website and with the Learn to Skate USA. Both are required to skate with the Indy Fuel Tank at Fishers. On the Register Now page is an icon that says "Home Page", and another tab that says "Registration". Select the Registration tab to see a complete list of all classes for the upcoming season. Use the red drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your page to filter classes. Please direct any Learn to Play Hockey questions to Mike Berger at and any Learn to Skate questions to John Cavey at

What classes are available?

Snowplow Sam
Basic 1-8
Freestyle 1-6
Learn to Play Hockey 1 and 2
Adult Classes

Specialty classes (such as Power Classes, Synchro Classes, Special Olympics Classes, and Moves in the Field Class) available during select sessions.

Which class should I sign up for?

If you want to learn to skate:

These classes are designed for those who are learning the basics of ice skating, and those who wish to continue on with Figure Skating. Beginning skaters aged 6 and under should register for our Snowplow Sam class. Beginning skaters aged 7 and up should register for Basic 1.
If your skater has already taken a Learn to Skate class with us, then during the 7th and 8th week classes, there was an evaluation to see what skills the skater has acquired, and a recommendation as to which class they should enroll in next. That recommendation should be on their report card.

If you want to learn to play hockey:

You must already know how to ice skate or have passed a Learn to Skate class in order to be qualified for any of these classes.

Hockey 1: For those aged 6 at up. This class teaches the basics of ice skating with hockey equipment, such as gear, sticks, and pucks. This class will teach power skating, passing, and shooting skills. This class is for those who already know how to skate.

Hockey 2: For those aged 6 and up. This class builds on the foundations taught in Hockey 1. Skaters will learn advanced passing, shooting, and stick handling skills. They will be taught basic positional and situational systems. 

Adult- Beginner- This class is for adults and young adults. Skaters should have a basic skill level and knowledge base of how to ice skate. This class will teach adult skaters how to skate in full hockey equipment. Skaters will learn basic stick handling, passing, and shooting skills. They will be taught the basics of power skating, with a focus on edgework, stride, and crossovers.

What should my skater wear?

We recommend that beginner skaters (children and adults) wear a helmet and pads. You can wear full hockey gear if you prefer.

We also recommend legs and arms be covered with warm clothes that are comfortable and easy to move. We recommend gloves and long socks.

All of this attire is recommended but not required.

"To take Learn to Play Hockey classes, participants must wear full hockey gear.

What is the price?

 Our cost tab has a break down of prices for each class.

Check out our public skate time on the live calendar.

What does my child need for hockey classes? Gear Bags?

For  Learn to Play Hockey classes, we require full hockey gear. Participants can rent the equipment and bag for a $25 fee. The bag will need to be returned no later than one week following the last class.  We provide hockey sticks and pucks to use during appropriate classes. The use of hockey skates is available for skate sizes 1-9. If the skater wears a size smaller than one, they will skate in figure skates unless they elect to purchase their own hockey skates.

What is the make-up policy?

Make-up classes are offered on a case-by-case basis. There are no make-up classes available during the summer session.

What is the next option after Learn to Skate or Learn to Play hockey classes?

Skaters can and usually do participate in more than one Learn to Skate session as there are many levels, but the Fuel Tank does offer additional opportunities for hockey players and figure skaters.

Hockey players can register for hockey leagues, camps, clinics, schools, and stick & pucks sessions.

Figure skaters can join the Fishers Figure Skating Club or attend freestyle sessions and camps.

When can I practice?

Skaters can practice during Public Skates, Freestyles, and Stick & Puck sessions depending on their level of ability.

Public Skates are skating times open to the public.

Freestyle sessions are designed for figure skaters to practice their skating elements either in a lesson or on their own.

Stick & Puck sessions are designated times for hockey players to skate and work on puck handling, passing, and shooting.