Learn To Skate USA Membership

The Learn to Skate USA annual membership is just $16. This membership runs July 1 to June 30. It is required to participate in all Learn to Skate classes and must be purchased through Learn to Skate USA. 

Each participant must provide their membership on the first day of class. The membership number must be given to check in before the second week of classes or the skater will not be allowed to participate in classes.

To purchase the membership, CLICK HERE.

In the middle of the page, click on the circle next to "become a member" . Follow the step to purchasing the membership.  Print the receipt with the skater's name and membership number.

This membership must be purchased for each skater for every year (July 1 through June 30 the following calendar year).

Annual memberships are valid July 1-June 30. With your annual fee of $16* you will:

  • Be a member of the best skating program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating.
  • Gain great information to make sure your first glides on ice are successful ones.
  • Access full listings of where to sign up for skating classes.**
  • Receive a Welcome Packet in the mail, which includes a subscription to Learn To Skate USA The Magazine valued at $3 (allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)
  • Receive secondary sport accident insurance
  • Participate in lessons, performances, competitions, and all activities associated with Learn to Skate USA.

* Plus applicable processing and handling fee.

** Please check with your local program for class times, fee structure and any additional information.

Learn To Skate

Which class should I sign up for?

Snowplow Sam:
This class is for our youngest skaters. Snowplow Sam is geared toward those who have shorter attention spans, and would benefit most from instruction in the form of games and activities. Usual age range for this class is 3 years old to 6 years old

Basic 1:
This class is for beginning skaters who would benefit most from structured lessons, and goal-oriented activities. The usual age range for this class is 7 years old to 15 years old.

Basic 2:
This class is for those who have some experience with ice skating, but wish to refine their skill set. One-footed glides, backward two-footed glides, and curves are covered in this class. The usual age range for this class is 7 years old to 15 years old.

Adult Beginner Class:
This class is for young adults and adults who wish to learn how to feel comfortable on the ice. Falling and recovery, two-foot glides, and dips will be covered in this class. Usual age range for this class is 15 years old and up!

To sign up for Basic 3-8 or any Freestyle course, a coach's recommendation is required.