About High Octane Hockey Training 

High Octane Is a premier hockey training group run locally out of the Fuel Tank in Fishers, Indiana. Our unique system of coaching and conditioning is designed to help you reach your greatest potential as a hockey player. Not only do we strive to develop each athlete’s on ice performance, but we ensure their Hockey IQ and competitive mindset is developed as well. Our coaches and trainers have worked in the hockey industry for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience developing high performing hockey players. 

At High Octane we understand that when you take action to train at an elite level outside of your winter season, it shows you  are willing to put in the extra work to become a more skilled hockey player. Our coaches and program are committed to mentoring and challenging our High Octane players to reach their highest potential. We guarantee your athletes training will be detailed, engaging, challenging, competitive, and fun!

High Octane Areas of Focus  

  • Skating and Edgework: balance, agility, stride work, change of direction skills, overspeed

  • Puck Handling: stick handling-basic and advanced, passing, moving with the puck, wall play with puck

  • Scoring: shooting, give-n-go’s, catching bad pucks, hand eye coordination

  • Gameplay: small areas games, battle drills and body contact, angling, scoring with pressure drills, position specific training, occasional scrimmage or 4v4

  • Mindset: hockey habits, competitiveness, team game, hockey IQ, elite training mentality, having fun while getting better